6 Unusual but true health tricks

Those who care about their health will always stay up to date with the latest scientific and medical discoveries. However, some health tricks are just plain weird! We have some unusual but true health tricks that are scientifically-proven. While they’re surprising to say the least, there is logic behind them.

Cool off with a hot beverage

During hot weather we’re all tempted to reach for that almost frozen drink. However, studies and even some cultures show that drinking a hot beverage is a more efficient way to cool off. When you drink a hot beverage your body will try to compensate the change in temperature by making you sweat more. As you might already know, sweat will naturally cool your body as it evaporates from the skin.

Work out when you’re tired

This is another counter-intuitive health advice. I guess no one would be enthusiastic about exercising after a long and tiring workday, but it’s actually a good idea. Even a moderate intensity work out will make your body use more oxygen making you stronger and more resilient to fatigue. Exercise is also known to improve mood, depression and mental performance.

Spend less time together for a better relationship

Relationship difficulties

Even if you wholeheartedly love your better half, you both need some space every now and then. Spending some alone time can help you get in touch with yourself, as well as help you learn how to appreciate giving and receiving. It’s also good to miss your partner – you will only cherish the time you spend together even more!

Quit diet soda if you’re trying to lose weight

If you think that diet soda allows you to indulge without the calories you’re wrong. In fact, research has shown that obese and overweight people who drink diet soda end up eating more calories from food than those who prefer regular soda. Furthermore, scientists from the University of Texas discovered that diet soda drinkers ended up with a 70% higher increase in waist circumference compared to those who don’t drink diet beverages over the course of a decade.

Diet soda, but also other foods and drinks labeled “low-fat”, “light” or “low-sugar” trick us into thinking they contain less calories which is not always true. When you remove something, you need to add something else to make it taste as good as the original.

Remember things easily by handwriting notes

There’s more to handwriting notes than just storing your ideas. You will also have a better chance at remembering things if you manually write them down as it helps you “process” all that information. Reading the page you’re writing is not just a way of reviewing the information, but also to reinforce it.

Avoid antibacterial soap to prevent illness

Antibacterial soaps are usually advertised as being more effective at reducing the risk of getting infections or passing them to others. However, there is no evidence that shows antibacterial soaps are more effective than regular kinds.

Furthermore, some ingredients used in antibacterial soaps such as triclosan actually pose health risks especially for long-term exposure. Some of the side effects are hormonal imbalances as well as bacterial resistance. Some states have even banned all products containing triclosan but there’s certainly need for more research on the matter.

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