CUPPATEA.ORG collects various types of information from our users and this Privacy Policy has been created to describe how we handle data collection, usage, and storage. By using our website you agree to the policies described below.

  1. Collected data

The personal information we collect from our users is provided by them on various areas and features of our website, such as when creating an account, filling a form, leaving comments, signing up for our newsletter and responding to surveys.

Nevertheless, users also have the option of visiting CUPPATEA.ORG anonymously, although some features and areas of the site may not be available or have limited functionality.

Our website also collects anonymous information from our users regarding their website visits, their duration, viewed pages and other similar details through cookies and web beacons.

The third-party advertisement companies we work with for serving ads on CUPPATEA.ORG are also allowed to collect specific types of anonymous data from our site’s visitors, including but not limited to your IP address, ISP, browser time, visit date and duration, as well as actions taken on displayed ads during your visits on our site and on other websites.

This information is used to display ads about products and services that are relevant to you.

  1. Data usage

The data our website collects from users may be used in various ways, including but not limited to optimizing our website and adding new features, customizing the user experience, sending newsletters, as well as managing surveys, contests, giveaways and other website features.

The email address you submit to us may be used to reply to inquiries, send information and other similar purposes.

  1. Data security

We rely on the latest security standards to protect the personal information you submit on our website. However, keep in mind you are solely responsible for maintaining your login credentials and other personal details private so be wary of who is able to access them.

  1. Cookies

Our website employs cookies (as most other websites) which allows us to recognize your web browser and gather certain types of data.

CUPPATEA.ORG uses cookies to store your personal preferences for future visits, monitor ads, as well as gather data regarding website traffic and usage which allows us to optimize our website and add new tools.

Occasionally, we may work with third-party companies to help us analyze the collected statistics. These partners are allowed to use the information collected for us only to help us manage and optimize our website and business.

  1. Third party links

CUPPATEA.ORG may occasionally link to third-party websites, services and products. Be aware all of these third-party sources have their own privacy policies so CUPPATEA.ORG cannot be held responsible or liable for any content or activities of these linked websites.

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